Ways You Can Help

Hands-On Options to Help the Dereck Whittenburg Foundation

Golf and event sponsorships are just one way you can support the Dereck Whittenburg Foundation. If you are looking for something more “hands-on,” here are a few ideas. Please contact Jacqueline Whittenburg if you would like to participate or have other suggestions for ways you can contribute.

Home Fundraising/Scholarship Party
Invite family and friends to a party at your house to benefit education. Let everyone know proceeds from the event will fund scholarships for deserving college students through the Foundation. To encourage donations, make it fun or competitive. One idea: Your attendees may name a one-time scholarship (or multiple scholarships) with a combined donation of $2,500 or more. The largest individual donor or a random donor could be given the honor of choosing the scholarship name. The group could decide on a name (something fun or perhaps in memoriam).

Virtual Fundraising/Scholarship Party
Take the home party concept virtual! Use a web tool like Zoom or Facebook Groups and get your friends and family together to catch up for a cause.

Social Media Fundraising Campaign
Start a GoFundMe or online campaign to raise money for a scholarship. Let everyone know ahead of time what your goal is and how long they have to get involved. Your birthday’s coming up soon – why not celebrate by doing a Facebook fundraiser to benefit the Foundation? It’s fast and easy and lets your friends know you are committed to education.

Donate Goods or Services for Our Auctions
The Dereck Whittenburg Foundation is always looking for unique items for our virtual auctions. Donate a weekend getaway, plane tickets, gift cards, jewelry, or fun gift baskets. Just let us know what you would like to donate.

Volunteer at Events
We always need skilled volunteers for the annual Dereck Whittenburg Golf Invitational and other events. Reach out if you would like to volunteer and meet some great folks. We love our volunteers!

Leave a Lasting Legacy
It would be a blessing to many if you would choose to remember the Dereck Whittenburg Foundation in your estate plans. We invite you to speak to us about your wishes.

We look forward to hearing from you!